Isle of Palms, South Carolina

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Dock Restoration in Isle of Palms, SC

Charleston Dock Restoration has been striving to expand our services and as such, Isle of Palms, SC is one of our central locations that you can use to receive the highest level of quality dock repair, renovation and maintenance services. When you consider us to do the job for you, there is a guarantee that you are working with a team that knows their job, has experience in the field, highly trained and certified by the relevant authorities as well as provide the greatest level of customer service. As we are on a mission to building communities and shaping lives with the services we offer, we can assure you we are a team you can trust and depend on to achieve all the goals you have in mind.

We help both residential and commercial owners develop the infrastructure of their properties through what we do. Once you have contracted our technicians for any service, you can be reassured of:

Reliability – We will always be there when you call on us even if it is for an emergency. We will assess the task at hand, analyze what needs to be done and take the right approach to get the job done efficiently.

Trust – We are a team you can trust as we ensure all our technicians and staff members are well trained in the relevant department, they are assigned to and also certified and approved by the relevant governing body.

Flexibility – We not only provide the physical deck repair and maintenance jobs but we also assist you in the necessary steps to getting through the whole process like getting the relevant paper works done and receiving the relevant building permits you need. We offer other services too such as cleaning, pile replacement, painting and so much more.

We are open to assist with any other services you need to be done that are connected to your decks whether directly or indirectly. Call us today to speak with a representative.