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Dock Restoration in West Ashley, SC

Dock restoration in West Ashley, SC is the best when offered by our team of experts and highly trained technicians. Contacting us will guarantee you of the highest and most valuable services as it relates to your dock repairs and maintenance. We are not like any other dock repair companies in the area as we offer quality over cost and we do not only tell you but we show you. We always work to provide the results our clients are looking for and also at a cost-effective price. Think you have what it takes to bring a deck design idea to mind but need someone to bring it to reality for you? Contact us and we will do it for you.

When you call us with your needs, we will provide you with services that include but are not limited to:

Emergency Services – No matter what has caused the problems your deck has undergone, we have the solutions that are able to get it corrected. We will provide even up to 24-hour repair and renovation services that reduce the chances of further issues being developed or if the problem at hand already causes an issue for you and those around you.

A myriad of services – We provide a wide range of services that include works such as seawall and retaining wall building and repair; floating dock building and renovation; re-decking; inspection and assessment; pile replacement, painting, cleaning, and other maintenance services.

Cost-effective Packages – We offer a package that suits every budget type as we do not believe in the “one package fits all” pricing method. We will provide you a free quote with detailed works and services so you can easily know what you are paying for and how much. We provide you with maximum clarity with diversity and excellence.

Don’t wait any longer, restore your time on the water.

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