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Construction & Restoration

Dock ConstructionDo you reside in the Lowcountry? Then we can all agree on the importance of our docks to be of the highest standard and in need of no repairs as we want to be assured of our safety from these docks. Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or restore what you already have, Charleston Dock Restoration has you covered. We take pride in all our outdoor projects big and small. Whatever you are looking to build, we can create it around your dreams and budget. We are a team of experts who will not only tell you that we can do the job but we will show you we are capable, trained and knowledgeable of the relevant aspects that docks and its other features involved. Take for instance you are in need of emergency services and not sure what to do or what to ask for, just simply.reach out to us and a representative will guide you along the steps to achieving the final goals you desired.

Seawalls & Retaining Walls

Seawall & Retaining ConstructionErosion can be a huge issue for some waterfront homeowners. A seawall is a structure that separates land and water areas and is key when protecting your property from erosion and other damage that can occur from tides, strong currents, tropical storms and as well as flooding. For a homeowner looking to add or repair their seawall. Your retaining walls can be destroyed by many elements like weak materials being used to construct it or non-knowledgeable builders who were not aware of the elements to be considered when building the wall among other factors like being worn out or destroyed by natural causes.

Retaining walls are also necessary for erosion control and help battle gravity. The loss of higher grounds in the Low Country can be costly and detrimental to your property. Retaining walls are best for minimizing erosion by decreasing the angle of slope and holding back soil. Also, the retaining wall will further help the public’s safety as it will not only protect your property but will also protect those around you. The fewer problems you can use your retaining wall to prevent, the greater you will be helping the community as well.

Charleston Dock Restoration offers long-lasting and cost-saving solutions! You can depend on us to help you envision great possibilities all while understanding your options. When you contact us, you are guaranteed services such as:
Capable professionals – So many times we are faced with the situation of having to tell our customers what exactly they need to be done and how to go about doing it as they are not exactly sure what the issue is. If you are unsure of the situation you are faced with or you possibly do not understand, just tell us the base of what’s happening and we will analyze and assess what the problem is and the solution that is needed.

Practicality – We give desired results and long-term strong solutions. When you reach out to us, you can be sure of hands-on services that are valuable, quality and hassle-free.

Floating Dock

Floating docks can be the solution to all your docking needs. Charleston Dock Restoration offers versatile designs allowing you to create a dock any shape or size to satisfy your lifestyle. As one of our staples at Charleston Dock Restoration, you can depend on us to get the job done and exceed all expectations. But why should you go for a floating dock on your property? It is much easier to build, less hassle in getting a building permit as well as it may not be as technical as an attached dock. Floating docks are slowly becoming a trend for homeowners living near and or in and around lakes and rivers and need to go out at least once in a while to enjoy. The floating docks may also require you to get much cheaper materials for building and can give you a faster turnaround completion time.

Design, Accessories, & Customizations

Dock AccessoriesCharleston Dock Restoration takes pride in providing our customers with a wide variety of dock design options to ensure we turn all your visions into your reality. From custom designed gates, aluminum hand ramps, cable handrails to fish cleaning stations, we offer all the dock accessories and extras you could want. If that doesn’t cover your needs make sure to ask about cleats, deck hatches, deck swim ladders, dock boxes, electrical stands and more! Charleston Dock restoration is here to make sure your dock is compatible with your lifestyle! Do you see a style you love and wish you had it in your backyard or along the lake on your property? We will do it for you. Just tell us everything that you need to be done and we will put our ideas together, do our relevant checks and provide the resolutions you need that will satisfy your goals.


Sun, weather, temperature, and moisture can really show the age of your dock. Ready for a fresh look? Get rid of your worn, discolored, and splintering boards by re-decking. Re-decking your dock is a simple cost-effective solution for all these problems. After choosing from a variety of hardwoods or treated wood, we’ll have your dock looking good as new! In all our years of servicing, we have taken the time to do a full assessment of what and how decks are destroyed and can say, most times it is a cause of natural disaster or natural elements.

Inspections & Approaches

Dock InspectionsDon’t get caught in the mix, get the answers you are looking for. When it comes to permits, inspections, and approaches, we have the experience and relationships to get all of your needs in line. From new builds and additions to minor repairs, you want to ensure you are covered…from all angles. Charleston Dock Restoration provides our existing and potential clients with the following and more benefits as it relates to insurance and liability:

Insurance – Our insurance packages cover not only employees but also you and your property. It is inevitable that at some points during repairs, restorations or building, it is possible to have minor or major damages to other factors that are around the area we are working on. We assure you, that once we made the error of causing any issues to your property, our company will cover it and make sure that it is completely restored.

Full Inspection – We don’t only jump on board and start doing the work but we make sure we do what it takes to do it right the first time. This we do through our extensive assessment and inspection of the area you need the work done on, go back to our drawing board to determine the best solutions and then start working. However, this does not mean we are not capable of doing emergency services as our team is experienced and therefore able to make the right approach to correcting any problems even in a fast turnaround time.

Permits – We know what the problems of getting a building permit are like and as a certified and established company, we can get the processes completed easily for you. We will take care of the necessary documentation for you in getting the relevant building permit you need and also at a cost-effective route.

Pile Replacement

Piling Replacement Do your piles look worn or fragile? Remember, a strong foundation is key. Charleston Dock Restoration will coordinate all your piling needs…from replacing to relocating, we’ve got it covered. The process of our pile replacement is simple as we utilize the best solutions that have been invented. We are always on a trail of doing researches to determine the best solutions needed as it relates to strength, durability, and sustainability. Already had a pile in place but you feel it needs to be adjusted or changed to something better and stronger? We have the right solutions that would be best for you.

Floating Dock Replacement/Maintenance

Floating Dock ReplacementFloating docks make a wonderful addition to fixed docks. Charleston Dock Restoration specializes in dock stabilization and we’re here to provide solutions for any/all issues on, under, and around your dock. See a new development that you feel would look well on your deck such as a floating dock but don’t know how to go about getting it? Reach out to us and we will show you how. Already have a floating deck but need it repaired or maintained? We can also provide all the services you need as it relates to this. We will install the best resources that will have your dock living to longer years without being worn out.


Boat Dock CoatingFrom handrails to gates, piles, and deck boards, we have the expertise as well as a wide variety of selections to ensure we create the exact replica you’re looking for! Call us for a free estimate or design examples. We provide more than just building and technical renovation but also painting services that cover every aspect of your deck. Need to uplift the look of your deck to bring a flavor to your compound? Let us do the relevant painting job for you or even choose the colors and do the full package for you.

Damage Repair, Maintenance & Cleaning

Dock Repair and MaintenanceProblem solved. Whatever the damage, whatever the dirt, keeping up with your dock repairs is crucial when expecting long-lasting results. Taking appropriate action can potentially save you thousands. Charleston Dock Restoration is more than just your deck repair team but also a friend you can trust to getting the job done for you and getting it done right the first time around. Our packages cover everything from inspection, assessment, renovation and/repairs, fresh building or beautification. Call us today and we will provide all the answers you need.

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